Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Chain reactions vs independent types

Since my last post, which was shamefully long ago in blogosphere terms, I have acquired a second bookselling job in order to swell the coffers, which took a serious knock in the transition period! This has been good news.

I'm now working for both a large chain, and a smaller, quirkier independent. Those who know me can probably guess what my feelings are towards each but I don't want to get into that for the time being until I know a little more about my longterm employment prospects... I can say that the two different experiences are furnishing me with insights by the barrel-load about retail, the Australian book scene, Melburnians and local life in general here and I will try and share them in due course. However, as a result of these jobs and some freelance work, I am currently working 7 days a week which is responsible for the lack of content here!

Things I have been enjoying this week have included two blissful nights of low temperatures after weeks of blistering heat; the discovery of Chinese broccoli; a brilliant novel by David Malouf (Ransom); a weekly second hand book market in the centre of Melbourne; catching up with a dear friend, the lady who put me up last time I was here, and a bar that is carpeted with Astroturf and made to look like a garden.

I do promise to make this blog more readable, just bear with me while I get through the next few weeks!

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  1. A bar carpeted with Astroturf sounds like the best idea ever. It's right up there with the Berlin bar I found that had furry walls!